A Replay As Engaging As The Live Event

Webinato’s unique AutoPilot module lets you record an event, then replay it for a new group of attendees with the same interactivity as the live session. Unlike a traditional webinar recording that simply records the screen and generates large video files, AutoPilot is a reenactment of the original presentation. Attendees may type chat, take polls, download files from the Documents folder and more as if the event was live. AutoPilot enables on-demand and group mode replays. Replaying a webinar hassle-free with AutoPilot for a new group of attendees will let you repurpose your events and save a significant amount of time and money.

AutoPilot also allows you to create a webinar ahead of time and run it at the time of the event without any surprises. Here are the main advantages of AutoPilot:

  • You simply push a button and the recording starts on our servers without affecting the performance of your computer
  • You can replay your webinar for a new group of attendees with all its interactivity as if it was live
  • The on-demand replay is also interactive and collects data on the viewer’s interaction. Example: poll results
  • You could create your event and polish it ahead of time