More Engaging & Automated Webinars

As the inventor of automated webinars, Webinato offers you the most powerful platform that enables you to go beyond simple PowerPoint + Audio and create more engaging virtual training and marketing webinars. Webinar Automation means you will be able to rerun your webinars multiple times in a fully interactive mode as if they were live! Engaging your attendees with webinato’s unique interactive tools leads to more successful events. For one, your messaging gets across more effectively when attendees participate instead of just watching. Secondly you end up with more meaningful feedback from your attendees, which lets you better follow up with them.

As mentioned above, the Webinato platform not only lets you create interactive live webinars, but also offers replays of recorded webinars with the same interactive character through its unique AutoPilot module. Imagine preparing your webinars ahead of time or simply repurposing a previous session by replaying the webinar for a new group of attendees. AutoPilot replays the session with all its interactivity! Attendees watching an AutoPilot replay will not miss a beat and can fully interact through chat, polls, documents folder, etc as in a live session.

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