Webinato offers you a comprehensive and complete webinar platform and services. Here are some frequently asked questions about our platform, services and pricing.

If you still have further questions, feel free to contact us.

General Questions

Why Don't You Offer Free Trials?

The Webinato platform offers a comprehensive and advanced webinar platform that lets marketers and trainers take their webinars to new heights by creating and delivering much more interactive and engaging webinars.

Although simple to use, to have a fair and in-depth assessment of our sophisticated features requires a minimum level of guidance. When you schedule a demo with us, we will give you a tour of all features and answer any questions you may have. We will then help you to sign up and set up your environment adapted to your business needs.

Please note we offer a 30-day money back guaranteed for all subscriptions.

Click HERE to schedule a live demo or HERE to request for more info. We are looking forward to talking to you.

How Does Your "30-Day Money Back Guaranteed" Work?

We offer a 30-day Money Back Guaranteed policy to our first-time subscribers to make them feel comfortable knowing that they can cancel their account, within 30 days for any or no reason. Here are more details about our offer:

  • You do not have to invoke any particular reason for your cancellation and request for refund.
  • Within the first 30 calendar days, you may host as many webinars as you need without any impact on our refund policy.
  • The Refund is for our monthly and yearly subscriptions and are not offered to one-time events.
  • The Refund is guaranteed only if cancellation occurs within 30 calendar days of the creation date of your account. Cancellation must be done through the Admin area of the Webinato account.
  • The Refund is guaranteed only if requested within 30 calendar days of cancellation.
  • The Refund is only offered to first-time subscribers. This means that an entity (organization or person, even if belonging to more than one organization) may not receive a refund if it (the entity) had a previous account with Webinato (previously refunded or not).
  • The Refund is for Webinato’s webinar service only and may not cover extra costs such as engineering work or additional and optional training costs.

Click HERE to request for more info or schedule a live demo with us. We are looking forward to talking to you.

What's unique about Webinato?

Webinato offers you a set of powerful tools in addition to great service that enables you to create the most engaging and hence most effective training or marketing webinars.

  • The AutoPilot record & replay module is truly unique as it lets you record, then replay a webinar automatically with all its interactivity including polling, chat, file sharing, Q&A and much more as if it was live! AutoPilot is great because it lets you:
    • Create and polish a webinar ahead of time
    • Repurpose your events
    • Have those who missed your live event review it on demand interactively and collect the report on their interaction
  • The Webinato interface is easy to brand and customize to project your corporate identity
  • Webinato is easy to use for attendees, presenters and organizers alike and requires no software installs
  • Webinato is extremely reliable and can host up to 2,000 attendees per event
  • You can count on our 24 x 7 customer support not only for technical questions but also to learn industry best practices

Does Webinato require to install any software?

Webinato runs on any standard browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari on PC and Mac. The Webinato mobile app enables your attendees to participate in webinars when on the go.

How do you compare to GoToWebinar, Webex, Adobe Connect or On24?

The major advantage of Webinato is in the level of engagement you can bring to your webinars through its unique interactive functions.

To view a comparative table, click HERE.

Webinato vs. GoToWebinar:

If you are familiar with GoToWebinar, you will notice immediately that Webinato offers you a much more powerful webinar platform without any software installs for your attendees!

Webinato offers in a simple environment many more interactive tools such as the AutoPilot record & replay, the Cobrowser, the Survey and Notes module…

Webinato vs. Webex:

Unlike Webex, Webinato does not require any software installs and offers a much easier to use environment. Webinato is also more reliable than Webex especially for external presentations. If record and replay is important to you, the Webinato AutoPilot module will make a significant difference as well. Additionally we offer a superior customer support experience at lower cost to you.

Webinato vs. Adobe Connect

While Adobe is a great software company, it is not a service provider and that is why you would always deal with a reseller for the Connect service. Although Connect offers a large number of tools, they are not always user-friendly enough and often require a long learning process.

Webinato vs. On24

On24 offers a nice looking interface and great reports for your large events. However, Webinato beats On24 in many areas such as price, ability to self-manage webinars, the level of interactivity of your webinars and last but not least, customer support.

Is Webinato available outside of the USA?

Webinato is available worldwide in accordance with laws of the United States of America. Webinato is available in many languages and supports non-latin characters as well.

Does Webinato work on Mac or mobile?

All functions are supported on Mac.

The Webinato mobile app allows attendees to not only follow webinars but also participate with chat, polls, Q&A… The Webinato app does not currently allow to present.

Event Registration, Reporting & APIs

Do you have event registration?

Through the Event Management section of the Admin page, organizers can easily create mobile-friendly and customizable landing pages for one-time or recurring events. Registrants will be automatically emailed information regarding your events including up to two reminders.

Full reporting will provide you real-time information on registrants.

How good is your reporting?

The Admin page of your account has a Reporting section in which you can search past events and obtain detailed reports on attendance including time spent in the event, answers to polls and surveys, chat, list of downloaded documents…

Reports can be viewed online or downloaded in Excel sheets. Reports can also be received via API.

Can we integrate Webinato with Marketo, Eloqua, Salesforce or other 3rd party systems?

Webinato facilitates integration with any third party system through its standard APIs. There are APIs for:

  • Event Management
  • Event Registration
  • Reporting
  • SSO (Single Sign On) or Login
  • User Management
  • Room and Company Settings

The Webinato engineering team is working on a Zapier API to facilitate further integration efforts.

Questions on Features inside the Webinar Room

What's the difference between the Organizer and a Presenter?

A Presenter has access to all presentation tools in the webinar room. Examples are: Chat, Turning On Mic and/or Webcam, Loading and advancing Slides, Sharing own screen, Writing on the White Board, launching a poll, loading a survey, showing a video, sending room announcements, etc.

The Organizer has access to all Presenter’s features plus access to administrative tools such as starting or ending the webinar,  changing the room layout, running the Q&A Manager, removing inappropriate chat messages, etc.

Please note you can only have one organizer per room unless you purchase the Enterprise Service Level.

Can we use phone for audio? How about VOIP?

Over 80% of our customers only use the integrated VOIP with simple microphones. Webinato has echo-cancellation for its audio to enable multiple presenters to speak at the same time.

For those preferring phone, a complimentary full conference bridge is provided with every webinar room. Hybrid audio is also facilitated. Example: presenters talk through the phone while attendees listen on their computers.

We also offer toll-free conference bridges at a fee.

How to show PowerPoint slides?

Webinato offers a special tool, called Slides to present PowerPoints in real-time. Instead of sharing your screen, the Slides module lets you show slides with animations and transition with the following advantages:

  • Presenters can annotate slides in real-time
  • Presenters can see presentation notes
  • Presenters can see thumbnail slides to help them see upcoming slides
  • The slides automatically fit into attendees’ screens
  • The visual quality is much sharper than sharing screen

Can a presenter share his/her screen?

The Screen Sharing feature allows presenters to show their entire monitors (up to two) or a region of their screen to attendees. The screen sharing speed is optimized by only transmitting the regions of the screen that are being modified instead of the entire screen at all times.

Please note Webinato offers a better solution to show PowerPoint slides than sharing your entire screen. The Slides module lets you convert your PowerPoint files into a playable slide show which will automatically fit into your attendees’ screens and will offer a much better visual experience.

How is the Chat and / or the Q&A?

The Chat feature has many capabilities to enable management of large audience:

  • Ability to hide general chat messages so only presenters see attendees’ messages
  • Ability to private message attendees
  • Add up to 2 dedicated chat threads. Example: one chat thread for technical questions alone and one between presenters only
  • Color-code chat messages to categorize
  • Delete inappropriate chat messages

The Q&A module allows more formal sessions with ability for the organizer to prioritize questions, assign them to different presenters… Q&A also includes full reporting.

How easy is it to customize our webinar rooms?

You can easily add logos and banners into your rooms and select a color scheme to match your website through the Smart Skin module. Smart Skin asks you for only 3 primary colors then it styles the rest of the interface based on those colors. Learn More.

In addition to banners and colors, you may configure the layout of your rooms. For instance you can set the live video tab and the Slides tab to be side-by-side.

How do you handle recordings and replays?

The unique AutoPilot module lets you easily record an event by simply typing a name and clicking a button.

The end-result is a recording that will play while preserving all interactivity of the original event as if it was live. For instance, if there was a poll at the minute 8 of your presentation, the replay will pop up the same poll 8 minutes into the replay and the viewer can actually take the poll! This recording is available to replay immediately after the end of your event. Learn More.

AutoPilot recording must replay from our servers. For those wanting to keep a copy of their webinars on their own servers or burn a CD with it, you may request an mp4 recording generated from the AutoPilot replay, which becomes available within 12 hours.

Does Webinato support (live) video?

Using simple webcams presenters can produce high quality 30-frame-per-second live video. There is no limit in the number of simultaneous video feeds although we do not recommend more than 4 due to potential bandwidth issues.

Do you support other languages and characters?

The Webinato interface is available in over 10 languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Polish, Arabic and Portuguese.

Additionally Webinato supports non-latin characters including right-to-left languages such as Arabic, Hebrew or Persian.

Questions on Support & Operations

How's your technical and customer support?

We provide 24 x 7 technical and customer support via live chat and helpdesk ticketing as well as business-hours phone support to organizers and presenters for continental US.

Additionally the Webinato customer support team helps you with industry best practices so you can improve your webinars and reach better results. Our team is also great at making custom changes to our platform to meet and exceed your requirements.

The Webinato team can also provide training for your new admins, organizers and presenters.

Do you provide full webinar services?

Although the majority of our customers run Webinato on a self-service basis and do not require any particular assistance from us, our OPTiMA team can provide full project management for your webinars. The services may include:

  • Meeting to discuss business goals
  • Create presentation script
  • Moderate and implement your event
  • In-room technical support
  • Report collection

Plans & Pricing

Where is your pricing?

Pricing for our regular and unlimited plans is available HERE.

Pricing for one-time events is HERE.

In our plans page above, you may contact our customer success managers and request for other plans such as the Enterprise plan or pricing for other services such as in-room support.

Do you offer any one-off webinars?

Yes. We can offer you one-time webinars for up to 60, 250, 500, 1000 and 2000 participants including in-room support, rehearsal, AutoPilot record & replay and much more. It is a turn-key solution for your infrequent webinars. Pricing is available HERE

Do you allow any overages if we have more attendees occasionally?

Yes. We offer a flexible and automated “Overflow Seat” system, which allows you to pay $1.50 per additional seat per day and never have attendees stuck at login page.

What's the difference between Premium and Enterprise service levels?

For larger organizations requiring a higher level of service, we provide our Enterprise service level with the following advantages:

  • You are assigned a single point-of-contact for your technical and best practices questions
  • Your technical support tickets are given priority over others
  • You can have multiple organizers per room
  • Your plans include a much higher number of AutoPilot (replay) views
  • Your plan includes our OPTiMA Package of features: Cobrowser, Survey, Q&A Manager, Presentation Manager and Timer modules

More information is available HERE.

To inquire about our Enterprise Plans, either request a demo HERE or request for more information HERE.

Are there any costs if we used your APIs for integration?

APIs are free and we will help you with your integration. We do offer (paid) professional services if you needed our engineers to implement full integration projects for you.