Certificates for Training Webinars

Webinato offers a unique webinar platform for your training webinars. The new Certification module makes it super easy to automatically generate and email out customized certificates for your attendees that meet your requirements.

Certificates can be used for formal courses or as an award of completion for more casual training sessions. Examples include certification for Continued Medical Education (CME), online software courses, Marketing Training, etc.

The Webinato certification module is extremely flexible and allows you to use any certificate (PDF file) of your choice as a template. Here is how it works:

  • You work with our team to set up your certification program:

    1. You provide us with a PDF template of your choice (with your logo, stamps…)
    2. You define the different certificates’ titles. Example: Accounting 101, Neuroscience Basics, Attorney CE 203, etc.
    3. You define success criteria. Example: Award certificates only if attendee spends a minimum of 60 minutes and has a score superior to 80% on participation.

  • When you create a webinar in our Event Manager, you simply select a certificate to be used
  • You are done! Upon completion of your webinar, your custom certificates (containing attendees’ information) are automatically emailed out to them.
  • The online Report shows the names of those who passed and whether or not they have already downloaded their certificates. You may also manually send a certificate to an attendee that did not meet the minimum criteria.

Please contact your Webinato account manager to learn more about the Certification module.

Certificate of Achievement generated for attending a training webinar on Webinato