Webinato offers you a powerful marketing tool in a simple to use and fully branded environment. Leverage Webinato’s interactive tools to create much more engaging marketing webinars and go beyond boring PowerPoint + Audio only presentations.
More engaging webinars that encourage attendees to take more actions present two major advantages:
  • Your marketing messages get across better every time an attendee participates
  • You collect more useful information about your prospects in the webinar reports
Here are a few of the tools in the Webinato platform you can leverage to plan and execute more engaging webinars:
Event Management

Your Webinato account comes with a comprehensive event management system that lets you create branded upcoming or archived event registration pages that are customizable and mobile-friendly.

The Webinato event management system automatically sends customizable reminders and provides you with detailed reports on registrants and many other tools to facilitate organization of your marketing webinars.

You can for instance, schedule one-time or recurring events, add an image or custom questions to your registration form, add payment options, schedule an event to run automatically…

Attractive and easy event registration translates to a higher number of prospects attending your webinar.

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Interactive Tools During Your Webinars

Now that you have managed to gather your prospects at the same time, you should get the most out of this opportunity to 1) impress them with your products and services 2) answer their questions and 3) get them to take an action that will hopefully translate into more closed deals.

In addition to sleek Slides and Screen Sharing features, your Webinato platform let’s you easily show marketing videos, pop up pre-canned (or on the fly) polls, ask attendees to download brochures, take them to a webpage where they can sign up live for your services, run Q & A sessions at the end and more.

Using the unique AutoPilot record and replay feature, you can create your webinar ahead of time and simply run it at the time of the presentation. AutoPilot recreates the webinar step by step while preserving all interactivity.

Remote Assistance to Presenters and Attendees

Managing a webinar especially with larger crowds can be a daunting task and a source of stress. Fortunately the Webinato platform gives you full control by offering webinar organizers a slew of tools to remotely control and help presenters or attendees.

As an example, an organizer can remotely turn off a guest presenter’s microphone if she or he forgets to do so. Organizers have many tools to control chat as well: remove messages, privately respond, assign questions to presenters, prioritize questions…

Organizers can also control the webinar room layout on the fly: they can for instance set the layout so a presentation is shown side-by-side with the presenters video. They can hide the stage while presenters are preparing and raise the curtain when everything is ready to roll!

Detailed Reporting

A full set of reports are generated and immediately available after the end of your marketing events. These reports include attendees information as well as analytics on how many minutes they spent in your webinar along with data on their participation (their chat messages, poll results…).

Reports are viewable in the admin page but can also be downloaded as Excel files or automatically captured through APIs.

Besides reporting in the admin page, organizers can view poll results and other real-time numbers during the webinar.

APIs to Integrate With Your CRM

Automating data collection significantly simplifies the organization of your marketing webinars. The last thing you want to do is go through multiple type of reports in different systems to analyze your events.

Webinato offers you APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) so you can easily integrate Webinato to your other business intelligence systems such as CRM or marketing automation tools.

For instance, you can have your CRM automatically receive the list of those who registered for your marketing webinars or follow up with your marketing automation system with those registrants who did not actually attend your events.

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