By Shahin Shadfar

You have once again managed to gather dozens of potential customers in one virtual space at the same time, ready to attend your marketing webinar! This was a tough one – your mailing list response was less than stellar, but you got lucky with a masterfully executed Facebook ad campaign and the percentage of invitees that actually showed up was way higher than you expected!

Now what? Show the same old boring PowerPoint deck and screen share demo? Or do you find yourself wondering what more you could do to get the most out of this golden opportunity of having potential buyers live and present at the other end of the wire? After all, they opted to take time out of their busy schedule to listen to you!

Although a majority of webinars out there are static, uninspiring and flat out BORING, savvy marketers have developed a new generation of engaging, media-rich and result-oriented presentation techniques over the past few years that have proven to be much more effective. More effective presentations mean more money in your pocket! What are these new techniques, you may ask. Well, we’re going to spill the secrets here.