BREAKING NEWS: Read Our Announcement of The New Upcoming Webinato Platform

Webinato’s modular architecture to support high quality webinars has evolved and improved since our early days in 2004. We do not confine our platform to any specific technology, as programming languages and systems come and go over time.

The hundreds of complex components that make up the Webinato system use a number of different technologies under the hood and our policy has always been to use the best tool available for every task.

The Webinato browser-based interface uses Flash technology within a very secure environment. Although Flash may not be considered trendy anymore, it still offers unique advantages that are still unavailable in other web-based solutions, such as HTML5. This is the reason why all major webinar platforms still utilize Flash in their web-based interfaces, even though they are experimenting with HTML5. The Webinato engineering team is also actively experimenting with HTML5 and will deliver a version as soon as we are fully comfortable to deliver all of the functions we currently offer with the same level of reliability and security. We will be making an announcement regarding HTML5 in the first quarter of 2017.


But what do your end-users do if web-browsers don’t bundle the Flash Player? Just because the Flash player is not included in a browser does not mean it does not support it. Flash is still used on a large number of sites and systems. Our login page detects if a user does not have Flash Player installed, in which case he or she is invited to easily install the Flash player, which they’ll only need to do once.

Having a browser-based webinar system is a major advantage over needing to have users install an entire application on their computers. Over 80% of PCs and Macs in the US today have Flash Player installed. Once Flash is installed for another site, it will work flawlessly for the Webinato system as well, meaning that users don’t have to install it again for every site that requires it.

So you can rest assured, and continue to focus on creating, delivering and automating great webinars without having to worry about your attendees accessing your Webinato rooms! Our 24×7 tech-support team is also available to help your attendees should they experience any issues.

Stay tuned for exciting news on the future evolution of Webinato!




Shahin Shadfar

Founder & CEO