We Just Announced A 100% HTML5 Webinar Platform!

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No. 1 In Webinar Automation

Webinato is the new highly interactive & automated webinar platform by omNovia Technologies, a leader in webinar solutions since 2004.

Webinato offers the best user experience for attendees and presenters alike when it comes to training and sales/marketing webinars. Let one of our specialists give you a firsthand look at how you can easily create and automate more impactful webinars and go beyond boring PPT + Audio!

  • You save time by pre-recording webinars and running them on AutoPilot

  • Your webinars will be more interactive and hence more engaging
  • Your attendees will love not having to install any software

  • You’ll love our 24 x 7 customer support
  • Your custom webinar room will match your website

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The powerful AutoPilot module enables you to record, then automatically replay a webinar with all its interactivity including polling, Q&A, file-sharing…Learn More
With the Smart Skin facility, you brand your webinar room and set the colors to reflect your website and logo within minutes. Learn More
The White Board lets you get ideas across in real-time. You have 10 different boards to use at any time.
The Webinato Mobile App will allow your attendees to follow your webinars and interact while on the go. Learn More

Webinato includes a comprehensive event management system with mobile-friendly event registration and full reporting.
Another interactive module is the Cobrowser that lets you load a webpage for your attendees during your webinars where they can take actions.
Use the Slides module to easily present PowerPoints with animations, transitions, annotation tools, presenter notes and more.
You will have an integrated phone conference bridge or great VOIP audio plus sharp live video using simple webcams.
The Webinato AutoPilot allows us to use the content we already have to deliver interactive, on-demand webinars around the clock.
Victoria Poor

Victoria Poor

Thomson Reuters
I have been really impressed by Webinato’s technology and by the level of attention I have received from the team.
Walt Anderson

Walt Anderson

Big 12 Conference
Webinato offers the best user experience for our attendees and lets us connect with them thanks to its interactive tools!
Afshin Taghechian

Afshin Taghechian

Traders International
Webinars Hosted
Up time

Learn How Creating Automated Webinars Can Impact Your Business!

Adobe Connect
Ease of use
No Software To Install
Browser based solution

24 x 7 Customer Support
AutoPilot Capability
To pre-record events and replay in a fully interactive mode (simul-live)



Automated Webinars
To schedule a webinar to autostart
Smart Skin
Webinar styled like your website
Dedicated Slides Module
Slides with thumbnails, annotations, notes...
White Board
Take attendees to a live webpage
In-room Survey
Ask multiple questions at once with reporting
Exit Landing Page
Take attendees to a web page at exit

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